Museums of Montreal, Cocktail Version

I have lived in Montreal for six months, and I have visited six museums. The shame! There are over forty museums on the island, so a grand total of six museums (albeit visited multiple times) is not a great batting average.

I've had a lot on my plate with adjusting to life in Montreal: finding and fluffing a nest, dealing with Canadian immigration, building a community, and figuring out what my life looks like here. (I do think I'm adjusting quite nicely to Canadian life though: today a man on the bus stepped on my foot, and *I* apologized). All that to say, I haven't had an infinite supply of energy to dedicate to exploring museums.

But I recently had some great news:

I've been accepted in a PhD program for the fall! I'll be studying the effects of new technologies on visitor learning in museums. I'm especially excited by mobile apps in museum settings. 

So, I need to take advantage of this pre-PhD time to explore the museums of Montreal, big and small.

How best to approach the task? Make a game of it. I found a list of museums on the Montreal Museums Society's website, printed it out, and cut out each museum's name. I needed a way to mix up the pieces of paper, so I could randomly choose a museum to visit. The solution seemed obvious:

Museums of Montreal Shaker

A museum cocktail! On days when I'm free to visit a museum, I'll simply shake up the museums and serve up a destination for the day.

I'll be using the hashtag #MuseumsofMontreal on Instagram and Twitter, if you want to follow my adventures.

While I'm excited to get to know the museum landscape of my new city better, I'm not looking forward to the entry fees. I am currently between ICOM cards and I am not yet a student, so I'll be paying full price admission for the first time in my life. Alack, alack. 

Museums of Montreal Shaker