Creativity Round Up N°3

Creativity Round Up Museums

In this third Creativity Round Up, I gather together a handful of inspiring examples of creativity and reflections on the creative process, in museums and beyond. 

A museum in Milan recruits famous authors to write its object labels


Photo:  Welleschik

Photo: Welleschik

Re-presenting the permanent collection in this way is far easier, more flexible and cost-effective than temporary exhibitions.
— James Bradburne, director of the Pinacoteca di Brera

Tanner Christensen argues that being creative is like riding a bike

Whether you’re hoping to be a prolific writer, turn yourself into a part-time designer, become a professional musician, or just have worthwhile creative ideas every day, give your brain the subtle hints it needs to know what the end-goal is. Even the simplest of things can influence your outcome, from the ritual you use to “prep” yourself to the environment you work in. Any impact you can have will go a long way on your subconscious. Ultimately: think of being creative like riding a bike. At first you might struggle, but after a while it will come naturally, just like that.
— Tanner Christensen

Ryan McGuire runs Color Lisa, a curated list of color palettes based on masterpieces of the worlds greatest artists

Photo:  Color Lisa

Photo: Color Lisa

We focus on the human side of being a doctor. Using artwork as a jumping off point, the residents converge to discuss the challenges of both treating patients and coping with the demanding lifestyle of a medical practitioner.
— Brooke DiGiovanni Evans, Boston's Museum of Fine Art’s head of gallery learning
Photo:  Boston MFA

Photo: Boston MFA

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