Creative June: Outdoors

June is bringing a new direction for Garlands in Paris!

In addition to reviews of cultural offerings around Paris, I thought it would be fun to pick a theme for the month and think of creative ways to interpret artworks and museums around that theme. 

As the weather has been so beautiful lately, the creativity theme for June will be “Outdoors”. I’m going to look at this theme from many different angles, and I have a bunch of ideas. I’ll be making trips to the Musée d’Orsay, Musée du Louvre, the Château de Malmaison, and some surprises!

Forest painting, Musée d'Orsay, Paris

But I do not want to do this alone!

Please feel free to join in on this creativity adventure, whether you are in Paris or elsewhere. Let me know if you see great interpretations in art of “Outdoors”, in museums and beyond. I’ll be posting on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #OutdoorsGiP, and you are more than welcome to tag your own photos or content on this theme. I would love to feature the different ways of interpreting this theme on Garlands in Paris!

Want inspiration for ways to look for the outdoors in Parisian museums? Watch for posts on Garlands in Paris all month, or shoot me an email ( and I'll send you some ideas!

Here are some posts from the archives to get this started:

Plants and Animals in the Louvre