MusEmvelopes (Museum + Envelope) are prompts for fun and creative activities to do in and around art museums. They are designed to give you an excuse to use museums as playgrounds and laboratories. Think of MusEmvelopes as permission slips for playing around art!

What exactly is a MusEmvelope?

Quite practically, a MusEmvelope is an envelope lovingly filled with a collection of six cards. Each card has a prompt for an activity on one side, and a beautiful image of an artwork on the other.

Each MusEmvelope is focused on a universal theme, such as love and voyages. These themes act as lenses through which to view museums' collections. MusEmvelopes can be purchased by theme, or on a subscription basis (coming soon!).

MusEmvelopes are printed on eco-friendly paper in Montreal, Canada.


Why MusEmvelopes?

MusEmvelopes are all about sparking your imagination and getting the creative juices flowing during your museum visit. The ultimate goal is to help you engage more profoundly with the artworks on display. You may follow the prompt exactly, or you may be inspired to go in a completely different direction. MusEmvelopes are designed to be a conduit to get you thinking about artworks in new ways.

The Magic of Envelopes

There is something magical about envelopes.

In my junior year of high school, my favorite teacher knew I would be stuck at home for Spring Break. She and her daughters worked together to craft a week's worth of creative activities for me to do, nestled in a a big envelope. I'll never forget the feeling of excitement as I opened the envelope each morning, to uncover a playful prompt for the day. 

MusEmvelopes aim to foster this same sense of delight and potential.