Creative March: Voyages

Montreal Snow Mile End

March can be a really awkward month. Before the scent of springtime comes wafting in on April breezes, the last snowfalls of March must be endured. When I feel like I can't take one more minute of slush and ice, my mind wanders to far-off places. I dream of beaches in Bali or the mild grey of Paris. Even Icelandic snow seems more romantic than what I have to deal with in my daily life. In March, I'm ready for change, but I know I must be patient.

For my own well-being, this month's creativity theme will be VOYAGES

Throughout the month of March, Imaginibus will be using museums to go on voyages. We'll be looking at museums while traveling; we'll travel in museums while staying put. We'll travel through time, exploring the past and imagining the future.

Bon voyage!

Louvre Paris Statuette Greek Statue Man

Will you be making any voyages in March?