Creative June: Technology

Technology and art are inextricably linked. 

For this month's Creativity Theme, I'll be looking at TECHNOLOGY in art and museums: representations of technology in art, technology used to make art, and, of course, technology used to facilitate the connections between objects and visitors.

This theme is near and dear to my heart. I am gearing up for the beginning of my PhD program, where I'll be studying the effects of new technologies on visitor learning in museums. I am passionate about the potential of technology to facilitate meaningful interactions between visitors and artworks. Here, technology is at the service of art (and shouldn't be the object of interest in itself). 

I'm excited to explore technology through museums this month! Where would you take this theme?

Here are some past posts to get us started:

Google Glass in the Grand Palais's Velázquez exhibition

Google Glass Velazquez
Grand Palais exhibition’s Lumière ! Le cinéma inventé
Ancient Egyptian Work, Musée du Louvre


I'm currently in New York City, where I'm spending three days playing in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Follow along on Twitter with #threedaysinthemet!

This creativity theme is part of a series! Previous months focused on LOVEOUTDOORS, and BEGINNINGS.