Speed Crafting at La REcyclerie

I was recently introduced to what may be now my favorite competitive sport: speed crafting (think speed dating, but without the awkward small talk and judgement). 

The event was organized by L'Insolente for Paris bloggers to come together, sip cocktails, and race to complete as many of the four proposed crafts as possible in an hour and a half.

The venue was perfect. The REcyclerie is a funky restaurant/bar/café located on former train station on the Petite Ceinture, with lots of big tables and unexpected details.

The first stop on this marathon was knitting mini bows with Charlie. She provided us with bundles of yarn and needles, and we had twenty minutes to knit a few centimeters of fabric to then be tied in the middle to make a bow. 

Next was making Japanese candle holders with So Many Paris, the ladies behind the blog that won this year's Golden Blog Awards! This time we had twenty minutes to cut out Japanese print paper and glue it to glass jars to hold tea-lights.

Continuing on, Bibouchka offered a bracelet-making workshop. We chose bundles of three strips of fabric to braid together and attach at the ends to clasps with pliers. The resulting bracelets were fabulous.

Last of all, Le Meuilleur du DIY proposed a workshop to make giftboxes out of wallpaper, origami-style.

The evening was a great success: I met lots of interesting French bloggers, the crafting resulted in fun souvenirs to take home (I attached the yarn bow to a bobby pin and put it in my hair!), and I was happy to have discovered the REcyclerie.

But the best part of the event?

I was the only one of the participants to finish all of the crafts and so I was generously awarded a free ginger cocktail. I won the craft night. 

A huge merci to everyone who made the event possible, especially L'Insolente!