Pompidou Photo Safari: Red

This is part of Photo Safaris, a series that focuses on details found in artworks around various themes, with the aim of looking at everything differently.

Plural Modernities from 1905 to 1970 is the new hanging of the Centre Pompidou's collection, on until January 26, 2015. It aims so show a "global history of art from 1905 to 1970", focusing on a less eurocentric vision of modern art.

After visiting the Jeff Koons retrospective the other night, I decided to wander through these galleries of the collection.  I was on the hunt for the color red. It was ever-present in the artworks, from blaring symphonies of red to single red brushstrokes in a sea of cool colors. I was encountered with violence, humor, warmth, and lots and lots of sex.

Red, as found in Plural Modernities from 1905 to 1970 at the Centre Pompidou:

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