Let There Be Light

The lack of light in November is driving me a little bit kooky this year.

It’s dark out when I go to work and it’s dark out when I come home. I feel like the sun only comes out on the weekends. Darker moods are knocking at the door.

I was talking to a friend on the phone on my way home from work this week, complaining about how early it gets dark now.  In the middle of the Pont des Arts, before I knew what I was saying, I whined, “It gets dark so early now that the Eiffel Tower sparkles on my walk home”. And then I burst out laughing.

I am fighting against the darkness with gratitude, with walks in the Luxembourg Garden, with sweet music and candlelight, with kindness.  

And I’m remembering to soak in the light when it presents itself, in the form of a sunny weekend promenade or a sparkling Eiffel Tower. 

Do you have any strategies for dealing with the lack of light during the winter?