Creative January: Home

I've been thinking a lot about the concept of home lately.

Giverny, Monet home, France

In the five years I spent in Paris, being an American Expat in Paris became a huge part of my identity. I agreed with Gertrude Stein that America was my country and Paris was my home town. So, what becomes of that after my recent move to Montreal, now that I'm an Expat American Expat in Paris? Where is home? 

As I make my nest in a new city, I want carve out some time to reflect on what makes a home. And what better lens to help us look at this concept more closely than museums! 

January's Creativity Theme will be HOME. I hope you'll join me in looking for home in museums and artworks!

Dutch home, singing, Musée du Louvre

This creativity theme is part of a series! Previous months focused on CELEBRATION,  LOVEOUTDOORS, and BEGINNINGS.