Halloween Costumes (and Skeletons)

When October rolls around each year, I am faced with the big decision of what costume to make for Halloween. But since moving to Paris, this choice has become more complicated.

 It’s not just me anymore; there are also the skeletons.

Two years ago, I was in charge of decorations for the Halloween party.  I made a huge paper skeleton to hang on a window, but he seemed naked. So I cut up a few more pieces of paper and voilà! a Parisian skeleton.

Last year, we decided to do a combined Halloween and Day of the Dead party. Naturally, I made a paper skeleton mariachi band.

My own costumes for the past few years have been (rather predictably) inspired by art and museums. These past three Parisian Halloweens, I’ve been a museum guide (a guide-conférencier national, to be precise), an artist (Frida Kahlo) and a heritage site (the Forest of Fontainebleau).

While my costume for this year is underway (I just made a productive trip to Rougier et Plé), the fate of the skeletons is still to be determined.

Do you have any ideas for the skeleton theme for 2014? Let me know!