Google Art Project’s Chrome Extension: An Online Museum

One of my favorite parts of the day is opening new tabs in my Chrome web browser.

Since I installed the Google Art Project extension for Chrome, navigating the internet has become much more cultural. This extension makes it so that an artwork from the Art Project is displayed in each new browser. With every tab I open, I am treated to a new artwork: Van Gogh fields, Chagall dreamscapes, street art in situ…

My web navigation weaves together its own unique imaginary museum.

Image credit:

Image credit:

The high quality reproductions and the wide variety of artworks have taken a toll on my efficacy. Sometimes I get so lost in an image that I forget why I opened the tab in the first place. Other times I will fall down the rabbit hole of clicking on the link to the artwork’s Art Project page to learn more about the work itself, the artist, the genre, the museum…

Bref, this simple extension plays a large role in brightening my days.

The extension is available for free download in the Chrome Web Store. I recommend changing the settings so that the artwork displayed changes with every new tab (rather than daily).