Garlands in Paris is now Imaginibus!

BIG NEWS: I am very excited to announce that what was once Garlands in Paris is now Imaginibus!

Why the change? I wanted a name that better reflects the blog's mission to foster imagination in museums, whether in Paris or abroad.

Why Imaginibus? I've loved the word since I visited the Trinity College Library in Dublin last year. As I looked around the massive Long Room, a word in Latin inscribed on the wall jumped out at me: IMAGINIBUS. I immediately wrote it down, picturing a sort of imagination bus. While I have since learned that this is not an accurate translation of the Latin (it is the plural form of a word meaning 'images'), IMAGINIBUS has come to represent imagination and creativity and curiosity and silliness and confusion and fun.

The spirit of Garlands in Paris will live on, but I'm excited to explore even more new ways of engaging with museums on Imaginibus, in Paris and beyond!