Eat a pastry at the Musée du Luxembourg

This is part of Museum User Guides, a series with ideas for how to “use” museums. The activities suggested here propose a fresh way to understand and experience a particular collection.

Sometimes you just need to stop what you're doing and have a cuppa.

This is especially true after a visiting an exhibition. Museum fatigue is real.

(No, really, it is. While completing my Museum Studies Masters, we had a lecture on the subject).

Luckily, if you visit an exhibition at the Musée du Luxembourg, there is an Angelina located conveniently next door. Angelina was originally founded in 1903 on Rue de Rivoli, and this location by the Luxembourg Garden is a relatively addition. It is surrounded by windows and mirrors, which fill it with natural light, even on rainy days.

Famous for its velvety hot chocolate, Angelina also serves a variety of tempting pastries. My favorite is the Paris New-York, a play on the Paris-Brest with pecan instead of praline.

After visiting the exhibition Paul Durand-Ruel: Le pari de l'impressionnisme, I stopped in for a pastry and a pot of tea. I ordered the Thé Mont-Blanc: a blend of black teas with candied chestnuts, biscuit, toffee, orange blossom and apricot flavours. Heaven

I sipped my tea and nibbled on the delicious chou pastry, thinking about the visual delicacies I had just digested in the exhibition.

The Musée du Luxembourg is located in the Luxembourg Garden. It doesn’t have a permanent collection, so it constantly displays a string of interesting temporary exhibitions.

A pastry and a cup of tea or hot chocolate are the perfect accompaniment to such an exhibition, providing a moment of reflection on the artworks and stories you have just encountered.

Musée du Luxembourg

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