Dreams of Audio Tours

I had a dream last night where Fleur Pellerin, France’s new Minister of Culture and Communication, told me to make audio content for museums during my free time (I think my thesis has not entirely left my system yet).

This got me thinking.

I firmly believe that there is more than one way to appreciate museums, and how cool would it be to have content that challenges us to engage with artworks from new angles? All that I’m reading about museum education emphasizes that you learn better in galleries when you are able to connect personally with material.

I’m very tempted to make some audio or video content of my own. I used to make short videos about museums, like the one below from 2011, and I’m tempted to dip my toes into the world of audio.

So, dear readers, I have some questions! What sort of information do you appreciate when you visit an art museum? What kind of audio content would you enjoy? What kind of content would help get you in the front door of a museum?

I’d love to hear from you, yes you! Comment below or shoot me an email at marina@imaginibus.com. Thanks so much!