Easter Picnic Pins

An Easter picnic in Paris practically screams for tissue paper flower pins. At least, that’s how I felt when getting ready for an Easter picnic in a park in the Marais last Sunday.

Easter egg

I happened to have a lot of leftover tissue paper from my Tex-Mex dinner party decorations, so I got busy making tissue paper flowers. It was an easy and relaxing project: cutting out flower-shaped layers, stapling them together and then fluffing out the resulting blossoms. I then used my hot glue gun to attach safety pins and (inspired by my recent daisy crown) bobby pins. I got so lost in the process that before I knew it I had made a mountain of flowers for a ten-person picnic…

Easter tissue paper flower pins

There were many more flowers than people. They found their way onto clothes and into their hair, some picnickers being more enthusiastic than others.

Easter tissue paper flower pins
Easter tissue paper flower pins

The picnic was lovely, a happy afternoon spent with good friends.

Marais Easter picnic Paris
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