Daisy Crowns

I was in Toulouse this weekend, visiting a friend’s family. On Sunday, we spent a lazy afternoon lounging in the backyard, soaking in the warm southern sun. We put down blankets and stretched out in the soft grass. It turned out the lawn was scattered with tiny daisies.

Daisy Toulouse

My friend’s cousin’s identical twin girls were having their fourth birthday party that afternoon, so I decided that the only appropriate thing to do would be to craft a daisy crown for the festivities.  

I didn’t know how to make a daisy chain, a shameful gap in my skillset. A quick Google search remedied this, and soon I was slitting holes in daisy stems to weave a long garland. The daisies were so small that it took some patience to make a chain long enough to go around my head.

Daisy Chain Toulouse

I’m wasn’t sure what my friend’s French mother would think of the American sitting in her yard making daisy chains. When I came in the kitchen to display my crown, she told me that she herself had made similar headwear as a young girl, only she would put the flowers closer together to make a garland that looked like a caterpillar. I’ll have to try that next time.

You don’t have to be the host of a party to decorate; you can always arrive wearing garlands.

Daisy Chain Crown