Guacavision: A Guacamole Competition Party

The year was 2012 and I had just learned of the existence of the Eurovision Song Contest. This annual musical competition pits the members of the European Broadcasting Union against each other, with each country performing a song. Upon my first viewing that summer, I was not prepared for the quantities of kitsch that awaited me, from sparkly costumes to elaborate set designs to singing Russian grannies.


The only appropriate response to this revelation was a Eurovision-inspired party, but instead of competing with songs we would compete with guacamole.

And thus Guacavision was born. Billed as “the world’s most prestigious guacamole competition,” guests were invited to come with their best guacamole or in the role as a member of the jury.

The most exciting discovery of the evening was that no two guacs were alike. The chefs’ origins ranged from California to Brazil, Mexico to France, and each concoction held its own on the judging table.

Guacamole Competition

Good tortilla chips can be hard to find in Paris. If this party were to be redone now, I would definitely make a stop at Mil Amores Tortilleria, one of the only Mexican tortilla-makers in Europe, let alone Paris.

The first Guacavision did not have an officially declared champion (the guests were all slightly too polite to show preference). But it was one of the most delicious soirées I’ve ever attended.

Eurovision Grannies